Company is Founded in 1958

Don repairing a service panel

Company formed as Save-On Electrical and Appliances in 1958 by Don Hughes and a partner. They originally sold appliances and did electric work from 2341 Main Street in Springfield.

The Team

Don & Jan

Don Hughes met Jan Lozar in 1973, they were married in 1978. During this time until Don’s death in May of 1989 they ran the business together doing everything from the actual work to paying bills and invoicing customers as a team. They worked out of their garage and were very successful for many years. Jan would get up early and make lunches, go with Don on the job then come home and make dinner and help with the paperwork. Over time Jan learned more and more about being an electrician although she was not “officially” an apprentice. She could be found at times helping Don on the job. This lead to several very humorous stories of dogging inspectors to avoid getting caught doing electric work. This of course could not go on and in 1979 she enrolled in the apprenticeship. She was one of the first female electric apprentices in the State. She passed the state exam and became a journeyman electrician in January 1983.

The Next Generation

Jeff, Mom and Darren

During this time Don’s youngest son Ray helped his dad off and on. Jan’s youngest son Darren (who lived with her) learned the “ropes” being around the business daily. Darren also spent time dogging inspectors before he also was enrolled in the apprenticeship program becoming a journeyman electrician in 1987. Darren worked with his mom and step father for years, not only learning the trade but becoming acquainted with the customers and business practices of Save On Electric (the company had long since dropped the selling of appliances).

Don and Ray

Jan’s eldest son Jeff also worked for his step dad and mom but only for a few months. Jeff and Don did not hit it off well in the early years and shortly after learning the bare minimum Jeff was enrolled in the apprenticeship and working for other electrical contractors. As time went by and Don was approaching retirement in 1986 he asked Darren and Jeff to take over the business. After observing them running the business for a year he turned the kids loose with it. Jeff and Darren incorporated the business in 1987 and moved it to Jeff’s garage in west Eugene. This continued for a few years when the conflicts with family life and the growing size of the business necessitated a move to a separate business location. Save On Electric, Inc worked out of a 1250 square foot warehouse space on Bertelson for years, growing all the while.

Darren and Jeff at work

Darren had brought the long time residential customers from mom and Don while Jeff brought Commercial and Industrial clients to the company he had got to know during his apprenticeship and four years of being a journeyman. Together Jeff and Darren brought a lot of experience in doing almost any kind of project. After years of turning most of the profit back into the business they ran out of space on Bertelson and bought a much larger building at 2nd and Lawrence where the company is located today.

Save On Electric becomes Livewire Electric

Changing to Livewire Electric, Inc.

After 18 years of running a business together Jeff and Darren parted ways amicably, splitting the business and client base in December of 2003. Jeff maintained the business identity and location (phone number CCB ect) but changed the name of the business to Livewire Electric, Inc. The business has continued to grow over the years by offering honest reliable service to our customers.

Family Owned and Operated

Livewire Electric is a family owned and run business. Starting with Don and Jan Hughes and continuing for years with Jeff and Darren. The family business is now entering its 3rd generation with David and Adam working as Electricians with the company.

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Don and grandson David
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David next to a bank of motor disconnects

Committed to Our Customers

Jeff and Cloee

For 3 generations Livewire Electric has been committed to the satisfaction of our customers, the fuel of the company’s ongoing success. We are in the business of creating happy customers. This comes from being honest and up front. Offering advice when asked and bringing our experience to bear on whatever situation or problem you may have.